World Renowned Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka & San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Kenny Endo Ensemble, Grammy Winner Koji Nakamura & Makoto Taiko, GONNA-Wadaiko x Marimba from Japan, and Boulder Taiko Ensemble.

Julia Misawa, the executive producer & director of Taiko Summit Colorado, is proud to present internationally renowned Taiko Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka with San Francisco Taiko Dojo, the honourable Kenny Endo, the first foreigner to be honoured with a “natori” , a stage name in Japanese classical drumming , the Grammy Award Winner Koji Nakamura, GONNA , the Wadaiko X Marimba group of Japan and last but not the least the local group of this city – Boulder Taiko Ensemble at 01:00pm on Saturday June 10 2017 at Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado at Boulder.

The performers are diverse in their styles and philosophies but all strive for the common goal of sharing and celebrating the spirit of Taiko.
In this regard, Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka deserves a special mention. Seiichi Tanaka founded the San Francisco Taiko Dojo, the first performing Taiko group in the United States, in 1968. He is the only Taiko artist to receive the esteemed NEA National Heritage Fellowship from the U.S. government in 2001 for his contribution to traditional arts. In 2007 he was inducted to prestigious American Japan Bunka Hall of Fame which memorializes Northern Californians that were important to the culture of Japan as practiced in America. In recent past ie. in 2013, Grand Master Tanaka was awarded the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun. The Order of the Rising Sun is highly esteemed honor and was first established by the Emperor Meiji of Japan in 1875. Seiichi Tanaka has taught and performed all over the globe, nurturing and mentoring Taiko performers across the world. His pool of talented students, including Kenny Endo of Kenny Endo Ensemble, Julia Misawa of Boulder Taiko Ensemble and Tatsuya Kobayashi of GONNA, have gone on to establish over two hundred and fifty Taiko groups all across the world!

When: June 10 2017
Where: Macky Auditorium
Price: Tickets start at $18