Workshop Schedule

Taiko Workshop Schedule
Date:  October 6 2018
Time:  12:30−5:30pm
Faculty: Makoto Yamamoto of Osuwa Daiko (Nagano, Japan)
Where: Boulder Aikikai
Address: 2424 30th St., Boulder, CO 80301
Capacity: 40 each class below

Half Class_12:30-2:30pm $100 (All Level)
Half Class_3:00-5:30pm $100 (Intermediate or higher Level)
Full Class_12:30-5:30pm $150 (Intermediate or higher Level)
TSC T-shirt, snack & water will be provided. (Bring your own water bottle.)

Class Description
1)All Level:
This class is for all Levels from beginners to advanced. Learn from Taiko Master Makoto Yamamoto traditional styles and fundamental patterns that can also be utilized for more advanced compositions. Learn patterns that can also be practiced at home without taiko drums. Helpful for students and teachers alike.

2)Intermediate and Higher Level:
This class is for more experienced players and helpful for players already in taiko groups to enhance group repertoires. This class will move faster and focus on a more complex material.

3)Full Class:
This class combines the previous two classes. In addition, Makoto is teaching a finale piece that will be used in next year’s Taiko Summit Colorado 2019 for students who continue to study taiko. This piece includes slanted taiko drum style (with one or two drums). If time allows, Makoto will also teach Shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute).

Cancellation policy:
Concert tickets are non-refundable.
Workshop tickets are 50% refundable by Friday, August 31st, and are non-transferable.


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