TAIKO SUMMIT COLORADO, 2018 COMES TO First United Methodist Church!

In celebration of the international popularity of Japanese Taiko drumming, and in recognition of the growing connections between Nagano Prefecture, Japan, and the State of Colorado, we are proud to present “Taiko Summit Colorado 2018”, featuring a major concert and workshop by internationally renowned Makoto Yamamoto, the lineage holder and the grandson of Grand Master Oguchi Daihachi, founder of Osuwa Daiko, of Suwa Taisha Shrine in Nagano, Japan.

TSC will host 15 artists/musicians from Nagano, Japan, Denver and Boulder, Colorado, in one of the largest Japanese Taiko production in the United States.

The concert will be held at the First United Methodist Church (750 seating capacity) in Boulder on Saturday, October 6, 2018. In addition, Taiko workshops will also be taught by the Makoto Yamamoto on Sunday, October 7.